Monday, January 31, 2011

For IKEA Lovers…

I am unfortunately not an Ikea furniture owner.  It’s not because I don’t like what they sell, it’s because there is not an IKEA store ANYWHERE close to me.  I see on all the blogs these great things from IKEA that I would love to own but it’s never sold online.  That’s becoming a little frustrating to me. 

In the House & Home section of the KC Star this Sun. they had a large article on how to decorate more with pictures.  Have any of you IKEA lovers heard of  MyKea?  They have removable decals for your IKEA furniture.  You can choose the piece you have and it will show you the available designs.

Here’s some ways to pimp your IKEA…

Malm Bed

flowery_bed_160-0Malm Bed


Malm Dresser

Malm Dresser

Pax Wardrobe Pax Wardrobe

RAINBOW-3dmodel---malm-3x2-5Malm Dresser 

expedit bookcaseExpedit Bookcase 

There are plenty more designs to choose from.  Go check out MyKea.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

It’s All Mine…

Remember the settee I was stalking? Well, my bff called me Sat. and told me that the store is officially going out of business and EVERYTHING was 50% off. I knew I didn’t want to pay half because I thought that was still way too much, so I emailed her with an offer. I didn’t know if she’d go for it so my husband told me not to get married to it, but I was already engaged with a 4 carat diamond!

Her response: “ can pick it up today!!!”

IMG00122-20110129-1934 Hello Lover!!

It’s at the end of my bed, hopefully it won’t get crapped up with clothes.

I’m officially on a spending freeze, at least furniture…The upside is now I’ll get all the other projects done that I’ve been putting off, drapes, pillows, etc…

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blogs I Heart: A Cup of Jo


I adore Joanna Goddard’s blog,  A Cup of Jo.  I started reading her blog in summer 2010.  She had just had her adorable baby and left her job to be a mom. 

Her  wedding photos are gorgeous and the story that goes with them are so touching.   I’d have to say my favorite posts are on  Fridays featuring photos from around the web, which may I add, usually photos I’ve never seen before or again. 

Her blog is a definite feel good, with a bit of wit.  Not to mention fabulous giveaways and she seems to be on top of all that is hip and new. 

If you haven’t already,  stop by for A Cup of Jo darlings, you won’t be disappointed.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What Does Your Husband Think?

How does your husband feel about your home decor? Is he opinionated or do you get free reign?

I ask this because I find it funny when I talk to some of my girlfriends the opinions their husbands have about some of their home decor. One of my friends the other day was asking me if I could shorten some curtains for her because her husband doesn’t like them when their too long. I said “Don’t you want them to pool?” She didn’t really know what I meant so when I told her she said “No, P likes them them be even with the floor”. I started laughing out loud.

The only thing he tells me is to not put any florals in his room. I had a baby shower in July and some of the girls could not believe how my house was decorated, how it was so feminine. They were shocked that I could have pink in the family room. Really?

Don’t get me wrong, we definitely consult each other when wanting to purchase something for our home, usually only when it’s something pricey. My husband usually wins and talks me out of something I probably will later regret which makes me go the DIY or estate/thrift store route. It’s actually a good thing, after almost 15 years of marriage he’s seen me make mistakes, at least 1 or 2.

Last week after the curtain conversation with my friend I started to feel bad that I don’t really let him have a say. I decided to ask if it bothered him that I have pink in the house or that I don’t let him have a say with how I decorate. I pretty much knew what the answer would be but I thought I’d ask anyway, “ I don’t give a s*&! what you do as long as there’s nothing girly in my room”. Lucky me!!

So, I guess I want to know, what is your husband’s opinion? Do you get free reign? Does he care about stripes, florals, colors, etc.?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Floors Floors Floors

I have two floors in my house that are ugly beyond words, my entry and kitchen. I have hardwoods throughout the rest of the house but after seeing these, I would tear them all out and do this…

Little Green Notebook/Coastal Living

Jenny even gave a place for tools that could make this look possible.

Then over at Quarry Orchard they did a little DIY hardwoods themselves that may be a little easier projects…


You probably won’t believe me, but that is stained PLYWOOD! Who would have thought plywood could look that good?

This is what I’m living with (notice the peeling)…


Shield your eyes, I know it hurts. It’s linoleum (gasp…choke) but I’m actually considering replacing it with linoleum (gasp…choke again) . I know it sounds REALLY cheap but would it really be that much worse than what I already have? Linoleum might be an inexpensive band aid until I can figure out what I really want.

A black and white checkerboard wouldn’t be bad…


Source Obviously that’s marble, but you get the idea…


Which do your prefer? Wood or checkerboard?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Makes My Day…

I get SO uber excited when I get shipment notification in my inbox telling me my fabric is on it’s way to its new home…

1069909_1 here

1096952_1 here

I’m using these fabrics for throw pillows in my family room. I’m sure your familiar with Lewis & Sheron textile but if not, you need to take a look for yourself. Although I can’t wait until it gets here, I’m sure it will be another month before I actually get started.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I think I’m Cheap…

All the garage/estate sales & thrifting has now ruined me for retail!! I would like a round, glass end table for my family room, but they’re $140 & up! The thought makes me throw up a little. I know it’s not a fortune, but I have commitment phobia. What if I buy one I like and then don’t like it and can’t return it? I really want one that looks like this…

Table 2 Rue Mag

But then, I see this…

Olivia Mirrored Side TableBallard Designs

I do like it. It’s $139, doable. But, I worry it’s a fad…


Urban Outfitters


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back to School

We got quite a bit of snow last night, 8 inches…

Is that Spiderman?



It was enough for some Kansas City skiing…




And supposedly were getting more Sunday! 

Also, it’s little big man’s 4th birthday…

005 We’ll be having a Batman cake…


Any fun plans for your weekend my lovely’s?


Are you tired of hearing about my dining room yet? Well, tough because here’s some more about it…

I got the fabric I ordered for the settee, surprise a day early!

But now I’m going to use the fabric for drapes. The reason? My settee has a lot of wood with two small back cushions. I don’t want to cut the fabric because it’s so pretty I think you’ll lose the impact. So unfortunately, I had to order more so I have enough for two panels.

I’m going to recover my chair seats with this…

zzgblack-m Now I have to decide what color to paint the chairs and table. We bought the set with the house so it is old and the finish on the chairs is cracking and really broken down.

Not a fan of the style of chairs but it was better than having the room sit empty…


I can’t decide if I want black chairs with a white table…




Or do I go white chairs with a black table…

I would love this look…Source

I think the table is actually brown but you get the idea…Source

Or maybe a little of both…


What are your thoughts???

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Search is On

Remember the console I would like to find for my family room? Well I thought I had found one on Craigslist. I went and looked at it, she was asking $200. I told her I had 145 hot ones in my pocket but she told me she had other people coming to look at it. Well, I figured I’d call in a few days to see what I could do but the post is now deleted. Damn!

Then, my friend called me and told me that a store in town was having 50% off their furniture. Yippee, it’s a pretty expensive store, clothing mostly, but her inventory has REALLY thinned so I’m thinking she won’t be around much longer. I popped in and saw a settee (for the end of my bed) that I would sell any of my children for, but no price! I asked the girl how much and she gave me the owner’s email because they can’t find prices for anything, people have been asking all day and they can’t get hold of the owner. Uh, what? Well I emailed her for a price and have yet to hear back. Quite the business woman!!

Isn’t she purty…

settee Love the fabric and the wood is gold, yummers!! I have a feeling it’s got a tag for about $800-$1000 and that’s with the 50%!!

When the store first opened she had beautiful cut velvet fabric but WOW was it pricey!! I’d check back periodically to see if she was running a sale but there never was. FINALLY, she was selling remnants and I scored some fabric that was originally $88/yd (and that was the least expensive fabric) for $20 a yard. I got a yard and a half remnant for $30!! Yeah me!

019 The picture doesn’t do it justice, but it’s fuchsia and lime green.

So, after a couple disappointments I’m still searching Craigslist for a console and settee AND I happen to have an acquaintance who owns an estate sale business. I emailed her my wish list and some photos hoping she’ll have some luck or something lurking in storage.

If I start to get desperate I may have to settle for this one listed on CL…It’s only $495…

image 2164868442-2

**UPDATE  I got an email from the store owner,  $950 (that’s half the original price).  I told her it was more than I want to spend but to let me know if  it goes any lower.   Am I being a tight wad?  Should I buy it?  I’ll keep you posted with what happens.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

DIY Art… Possibly

I was in ZGallerie recently and saw this…Click here to view larger image

It’s got a hefty price tag for this little cheapie so I’m wondering if I can do one myself? Probably not. It’s 40x60 which is a good size and I think it would look great above the yellow bench in the man’s room. When I showed the hubby and told him the price his reaction was “What’s it made of”? Obviously if it’s not made of platinum and diamonds it’s not worth the money.

Monday, January 17, 2011

After all These Years…

I bought a light probably about 12 years ago when we were living in our first house.  Didn’t even know the name  of it ( moravian star pendant/light) until  I googled it for images.   I found it through Martha Stewart, back when she had catalog sales.    It came in but had a crack so I exchanged it for a second one.  Again, a crack when the second one arrived.  Well, my patience had run out and I returned it for a refund, sorry Martha.   Well, months go by and I was in a local store and as fate would have it, there was the light!  But, it wasn’t actually a light.  It was a lantern that was to hang on a shepard’s hook.  I had the hubby take it down to Dave Smith the Lamp Maker and have it made into a functional hanging light.  They can do anything.  I had them make a colander into a hanging light for my old kitchen!   Finding it in some random store,  someone was telling me this light was made for me.

Now, all these years later, it’s still popular…

library_black_star_pendant_light beauty in the attempt blogspotBeauty in the Attempt blog

 outdoor-star-pendant-southern accentsSouthern Accents

 moravianstar suburban spunk designThe Prim Pantry 

And of course, the uber cool Novogratz’s …

moravian star sixx design Sixx Design

I went to Target online to look for lamps and look what was staring at me on the home page of lighting…

518I3ffdolL__AA260_ Target $299

I think I spent $50.  Does that add up to $299 after 12 or so years?

And here she is, residing once again in our entryway in our 3rd home.  Before we put our houses up for sale we would switch out this light for a cheapie.  Smart thinking on our part!

003 (3) 004

Chez Lemondrop

I’d like to Thank…

Thank you to Lindsey for her post about my living room. There’s nothing wrong with a little self promotion is there?

Didn’t think so…


Better After blog

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Day Off

Friday was a much needed day off.

I was starting to feel a little…

Now I feel much more…

Well, let’s just say more relaxed. I think everyone needs a day to themselves, cause “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” Unfortunately, my oldest started Sun. morning off with the stomach flu, poor guy. Hopefully it’s only a 24 hour thing.

Hope all you pretties had a lovely weekend!