Monday, January 17, 2011

After all These Years…

I bought a light probably about 12 years ago when we were living in our first house.  Didn’t even know the name  of it ( moravian star pendant/light) until  I googled it for images.   I found it through Martha Stewart, back when she had catalog sales.    It came in but had a crack so I exchanged it for a second one.  Again, a crack when the second one arrived.  Well, my patience had run out and I returned it for a refund, sorry Martha.   Well, months go by and I was in a local store and as fate would have it, there was the light!  But, it wasn’t actually a light.  It was a lantern that was to hang on a shepard’s hook.  I had the hubby take it down to Dave Smith the Lamp Maker and have it made into a functional hanging light.  They can do anything.  I had them make a colander into a hanging light for my old kitchen!   Finding it in some random store,  someone was telling me this light was made for me.

Now, all these years later, it’s still popular…

library_black_star_pendant_light beauty in the attempt blogspotBeauty in the Attempt blog

 outdoor-star-pendant-southern accentsSouthern Accents

 moravianstar suburban spunk designThe Prim Pantry 

And of course, the uber cool Novogratz’s …

moravian star sixx design Sixx Design

I went to Target online to look for lamps and look what was staring at me on the home page of lighting…

518I3ffdolL__AA260_ Target $299

I think I spent $50.  Does that add up to $299 after 12 or so years?

And here she is, residing once again in our entryway in our 3rd home.  Before we put our houses up for sale we would switch out this light for a cheapie.  Smart thinking on our part!

003 (3) 004

Chez Lemondrop


Inkbloom said...

I just bought one from the Goodwill 2 Saturdays ago for $6. It, too, is a lantern and I'm having my dad who is an electrician make it into a hanging light for my entryway!

casey at loft and cottage said...

Love, love, love. I hope these star lights never go out of style--because I have one ;-) Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! Your blog is great!