Saturday, January 8, 2011

Craigslist let down and Estate Sale finds

I was flipping through Craigslist the other night after finding this picture on Decor Pad. It’s an old stereo console. This would be a great set up under my living room TV.

living rooms - Zig Zag Rug Chartreuse Lemon Lime Yellow Ceramic White Square Lampshade White Curtains Pink Vases Decorative Sixties Regency Room and Board Kidney Danish Modern Contemporary Retro Vintage Elvis Artichoke Geometric Los Angeles Younger & Ziskin Interior Design

I found this old stereo console for $20!!! After exchanging emails and even going as far as to go look at it, it wasn’t going to work for what I needed. Unfortunately, the record player is built in, the top slides and what appear to be doors are for looks only, they don’t actually open. I need a console with doors and shelves inside for all the crap, DVD player, speakers, etc.

image 2146589793-0

On the flip side, there was an estate sale close to our house so on the way home I decided to swing by. I did not walk away empty handed.

002The lamp was $3 and the little artichoke was $6. Even better, HALF PRICE for a grand total of $4.50!! Not a bad Saturday.

I think these will go something like this…

lamp artichokeI’m still holding out for the perfect console so stayed tuned.

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