Thursday, January 6, 2011

Home Goods…good

If you haven’t been to Home Goods you must live under a rock.  Not really, I don’t know how long it’s been in my city,  but it’s a little slice of heaven.  I don’t get over there enough for different reasons but they never disappoint.  Here’s what I found at Home Goods recently…

39.99 Bamboo style lamps $39.99 each


29.99 b 

LARGE vases $29.99 each


Crewel work pillow $29.99

49.99 b

Loved these lamps $49.99.  Considered them for the hubby’s room but the base was too big.  The shades are cork.  What’s that you say?  Yes, cork!


Anything that small is cute.  The floral fabric is not great, but $49.99 you can figure out something to cute it up.


Chaise, $99.99


Leather baby, $199.99


Now now, no need to fuss, just a few more….


Not awful fabric, but redone…

pink chairs

Yummy…At $299.99 not very sensible though


Would make a cool island in an industrial style kitchen, $499.99

Last but not least…


Might be a Home Goods first, $1399.99

So get off the couch and run to your local Home Goods.  Better yet drive, it’ll be faster.

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