Thursday, January 6, 2011

Before/After: Living/Man Room

You know that room that was roped off when you were a child and reserved only for The Queen of England. Well, we don’t exactly live that way but the living room is one of the first rooms you see. The hubby and I needed our own space for down time and so he could flip through the channels at lightning speed without me wanting to kill him. The bulk of the work is done, just needing some final touches, pillows artwork…

Bear with me…this will be a long one.



And one more…


Seriously? Did I see a mouse scurrying? Maybe not, but still bad. We used it as a playroom and it was TRASHED. The rug had I don’t know what spilled on it, the wee one had marked on EVERY wall, more than once. We had gotten the basement functional enough for the kids to hang down there so it was time for the adults to reclaim the house.

The hubby was out of town when our couch was delivered and I already had the chairs back from the upholsterer. Also, the walls were painted. I scrambled to get it together for a surprise when he got home.

This is the inspiration board behind our living room/man room (done by a woman).

Living Room

Here’s how it’s all put together…


The Details…


The slipcover couch (interesting story I’ll post later). Did I mention I have 4 kids? White splicovers? Seriously? Well, they’re WASHABLE!!


Love the coffee table. I considered painting it gloss black, but once I put it in this room I thought it looked great the way it was. I bought this at an estate sale for $48!! I moved it in from the family room since we got an ottoman.

048 This bench was left by the previous owners in the basement. Thank goodness after 5 years I didn’t throw it away. It was a really ugly blue so I used Rustoleum Safety Yellow. I think it gives the perfect pop of color, plus it’s dinged and dented which the hubby loves.

I’ve had these chairs for years, close to 8. I bought them at a garage sale for $10 each at a house that 5 years later we moved down the street from. I got the fabric at Home Decorators which is a closeout fabric store. It’s a Premier Prints fabric, regularly $5.99 but there were a couple of flaws so I negotiated and got it for $3.99/yd.





I think there were 5,000 tacks in each chair, my hands felt like it. I love my upholsterer. If they ever go out of business I don’t know what I’ll do. I opted out of the tufting which I’m glad I did.

Recognize this? Kate Spade’s bathroom. I L-O-V-E the shower curtain! So why not make curtains for the windows?!? Sorry, I saved this pic a long time ago and don’t remember the source.



My curtains…


I took a king size bed sheet from Wal Mart and cut it half. The black is cheap quilters cotton from Jo Ann’s sewn on. I got the rod from Target and the rings from Lowe’s. They had those clip things on them so I took them off with needle nose pliers and sewed the ring on by hand. Unfortunately, when you close them they are a wee bit narrow. Oops… I guess there’s something behind that measure twice cut once.



The desk is from my father in law’s house. My sister in law bought the house from him and is a newlywed. She was getting rid of all the stuff he left behind and I told her if she was ever going to get rid of it I wanted it. I’ve stalked it for years, yea me! Sadly, one of the leaves was up and my son leaned on it and broke the support. The encyclopedias were my mother in laws and the hubby loved the look of them. The pen holder and glass (sorry no close up) were the hubby’s grandpa’s. The holder for the pen is a railroad tie with his name engraved. He work with trains but not exactly sure in what way. Hate the cords!!

060The parsons chair was another estate sale find, $30. Probably a little high but oh well.


Slipcover from Ballard Designs and I got a bundle of wheat embroidered on the back. My father in law is a grain farmer so I knew the hubby would appreciate the sentiment.


Framed vintage trains that were the hubby’s grandpa’s. The image had a grey frame around them so no mat needed. The frames were $3 at Wal Mart and I already had 2.

So the breakdown:

Couch- $600 (sort of, explanation to come later), Slipper Chairs - $30 fabric ($3.99/yd), trim $45 fabric total, Reupholstering - $200 each (included new cushion), Bench- Free, Curtains-$14 sheet, $5 black fabric, Coffee table- $48, Parsons Chair-$30 chair, Slipcover - $45 (sale), Embroidery $25, Desk- Free, Frames - $15 ($3 each), Accessories – Free, moved in from around house or taken from in-laws.

Grand Total: $1182.00

Without Cost of Couch: $582

Hope you enjoyed the tour! I am so in love with how it turned out. I’ll keep you posted as I add some more touches.



Joi said...

OMG. This all looks so good. I love, love, LOVE those curtains and that sofa is unbelievably gorgeous. Your room is stunning, girl!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

You did a fabulous job. I really love the curtains. The best part though, are all the stories behind all the different pieces. Oh and that safety yellow bench is great too. Thanks so much for sharing!

The Starr Family said...

Just saw this on Better After.. yay for you! What a fantastic room, like a breath of fresh air. The elements are masculine, but the detailing is definitely by a woman :) Lovely.

StaceyJeannette said...

Love the room, awesome job! I like how you included family memories in the room

K said...

I love that paint on the walls! Will you share what brand and color you used!!

lemondropdreams said...

Thanks for commenting K! The paint I used is called Gray Screen by Sherwin Williams.

rdkeefer said...

I am working on my bedroom and the colors are yellow and gray...This post gave me some great ideas! Thank you!

Amy said...

I adore this room and especially the curtains!

Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...

I really love what you did with those chairs. What an amazing redo.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting