Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Search is On

Remember the console I would like to find for my family room? Well I thought I had found one on Craigslist. I went and looked at it, she was asking $200. I told her I had 145 hot ones in my pocket but she told me she had other people coming to look at it. Well, I figured I’d call in a few days to see what I could do but the post is now deleted. Damn!

Then, my friend called me and told me that a store in town was having 50% off their furniture. Yippee, it’s a pretty expensive store, clothing mostly, but her inventory has REALLY thinned so I’m thinking she won’t be around much longer. I popped in and saw a settee (for the end of my bed) that I would sell any of my children for, but no price! I asked the girl how much and she gave me the owner’s email because they can’t find prices for anything, people have been asking all day and they can’t get hold of the owner. Uh, what? Well I emailed her for a price and have yet to hear back. Quite the business woman!!

Isn’t she purty…

settee Love the fabric and the wood is gold, yummers!! I have a feeling it’s got a tag for about $800-$1000 and that’s with the 50%!!

When the store first opened she had beautiful cut velvet fabric but WOW was it pricey!! I’d check back periodically to see if she was running a sale but there never was. FINALLY, she was selling remnants and I scored some fabric that was originally $88/yd (and that was the least expensive fabric) for $20 a yard. I got a yard and a half remnant for $30!! Yeah me!

019 The picture doesn’t do it justice, but it’s fuchsia and lime green.

So, after a couple disappointments I’m still searching Craigslist for a console and settee AND I happen to have an acquaintance who owns an estate sale business. I emailed her my wish list and some photos hoping she’ll have some luck or something lurking in storage.

If I start to get desperate I may have to settle for this one listed on CL…It’s only $495…

image 2164868442-2

**UPDATE  I got an email from the store owner,  $950 (that’s half the original price).  I told her it was more than I want to spend but to let me know if  it goes any lower.   Am I being a tight wad?  Should I buy it?  I’ll keep you posted with what happens.


Miss Madison's Mommy said...

It's beautiful, but 950?? Too much!! Love love love that fabric you got, holy moley 88 a yard, not wonder she's going out of business :)

bwashing said...
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