Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What Does Your Husband Think?

How does your husband feel about your home decor? Is he opinionated or do you get free reign?

I ask this because I find it funny when I talk to some of my girlfriends the opinions their husbands have about some of their home decor. One of my friends the other day was asking me if I could shorten some curtains for her because her husband doesn’t like them when their too long. I said “Don’t you want them to pool?” She didn’t really know what I meant so when I told her she said “No, P likes them them be even with the floor”. I started laughing out loud.

The only thing he tells me is to not put any florals in his room. I had a baby shower in July and some of the girls could not believe how my house was decorated, how it was so feminine. They were shocked that I could have pink in the family room. Really?

Don’t get me wrong, we definitely consult each other when wanting to purchase something for our home, usually only when it’s something pricey. My husband usually wins and talks me out of something I probably will later regret which makes me go the DIY or estate/thrift store route. It’s actually a good thing, after almost 15 years of marriage he’s seen me make mistakes, at least 1 or 2.

Last week after the curtain conversation with my friend I started to feel bad that I don’t really let him have a say. I decided to ask if it bothered him that I have pink in the house or that I don’t let him have a say with how I decorate. I pretty much knew what the answer would be but I thought I’d ask anyway, “ I don’t give a s*&! what you do as long as there’s nothing girly in my room”. Lucky me!!

So, I guess I want to know, what is your husband’s opinion? Do you get free reign? Does he care about stripes, florals, colors, etc.?

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Miss Madison's Mommy said...

So funny you posted about this because my friends all ask me how I get my hubs to go along with all the decorating I do! We have been together for 10 years so I think it's just a matter of wearing him down. I learned if I ASK him if he's ok with me stenciling the dining room he say no, but if I just do it he really doesn't say anything. My house is pretty 'girly' and very ME, I did let him do whatever he wanted in his office, so he's pretty happy with just that! Once I put pink velvet curtains in the living room and when someone asked him why he let me do that he said replied 'whatever makes her happy!' hahaha A happy wife is a happy life, a lesson all men must learn :)