Monday, February 14, 2011

New to Me Etsy Shop

After reading a guest post on Cove Street by Danielle Oakey I was led to a very cute shop on Etsy.  It’s  called Fruit Fly Pie and she offers THE cutest ceramics. 

Here’s a sampling of a few of my faves…

Ceramic Owl Bank Vintage Design Turquoise Blue

    Ceramic Owl Planter Vintage Design Lemon Yellow

This would be so cute with some pink peonies….

Ceramic Pig Planter Vintage Design in White

I immediately thought of Jenny’s little girls room when I saw these…

Cupcake Trinket Box in Orange, PREORDER

Cupcake Trinket Box Celadon

And if you’re more of an ice cream person, they have some of that too…

Strawberry Ice Cream Cone Trinket Box

Ice Cream Cone Trinket Box Lime

Check out Fruit Fly Pie’s shop.  I’m sure you’ll find something you need!!


Jen said...

Look at that 'lil pig... adorable!!

Happy Tuesday Dalring! xo

karen @ our slo house said...

There's just something about owls... I love them. Especially that turquoise one. : )