Monday, April 4, 2011

Is it Spring Yet??

Lately when I start to get Spring fever it snows ! I still have my winter wreath on the door…After finding this little project on via Emily A. Clark I decided it was time for spring at chez lemondrop…no matter what Mother Nature is doing…



It was a really fast project and cheap, the best kind! I spent $6.99 and $2.50 on the moss.

And then I got out my spring decor fro my front door…


The tray is from Nell Hill’s and I painted an “E” on it. 

And a couple weeks ago I noticed our little friend is back again this year…


I have two bird cages hanging on my front porch that I was hoping would be for decorative purposes only.  Last year she laid her eggs on the one by our front door which made me a nervous wreck!  Every time I’d get the mail I was worried she or the male would come and peck at me.  Yes I’ve seen “The Birds” hence my discomfort for them. 

A BIG thank you to Primitive & Proper for featuring my dining room table!!

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modern jane said...

So gorgeous! E is a good initial too.. lucky you:)