Monday, March 28, 2011

Little Changes…

Imagine how excited my husband was when he came home from work Friday night and I told him I needed help with a couple things!! Well, he could barely contain himself…HA!!

First, we pulled the rug back so it was under all the legs of the couch. Every time we sit down the couch pushes back against the windows and smooshes the curtains.

Second, I wanted to bring an old sewing machine table up from the basement. My family room is long and there’s an area I’ve struggled with.





I got the table a few years back from a family friend and never really knew where to put it in this house. So, sadly for over 5 years it has lived in the basement. Let me tell you, it is here to stay! It was so damn heavy and there’s no way I can help move it up or down another flight of stairs. The reason it’s so heavy? The sewing machine is still inside…





I’d love to have it displayed because the detailing is so pretty but there’s too many curios fingers around here. You definitely can buy like this anymore!

Obviously, it is not “styled” to my liking and since the top is a little flawed I’m thinking of getting a tray, I don’t have the energy to take on any refinishing. Perhaps something like this…

Zig Zag Long TrayFurbish


Flamestitch Tray


On Saturday I FINALLY made it over to Vintage Market which until recently had only been open the last weekend of every month. I had a little ginger jar in my hands when I spotted this…


007 I have been having a hard time finding a lamp for this little corner. When I saw this I remembered when we moved in the previous owner had had a light hanging from the ceiling. So, back went my ginger jar and this came home with me instead. I am tempted to give it a little face lift but I’m going to live with the way it is…for now.

So here is my little corner this morning…


And I’m very happy…

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