Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekend Head Start…

Yesterday felt like Friday all day, maybe because I got a head start on some projects. I’m working on my bookcase and, keeping my fingers crossed, it will look like this by Monday…


And I've covered a couple books with paper...

But I still need to rummage down in the basement for some more...and take a trip to Paper Source

It's gonna be a good weekend!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Absolutely Beautiful Things…

You must go here…now!!

If I had $1,000,000 (name that tune) I would take this…

Exclusive Anna Spiro Pink Cockatoo Lamp


Vintage Collection: 1 ONLY Chinese Linen Storer


Vintage Collection: 1 ONLY Haegar Vase

and lastly, this…

Colourful Chevron Drum Stool

Monday, July 25, 2011

Taking the Plunge…

After helping my mom redo my brother’s old room I realized how much I absolutely LOVE decorating, redecorating, reviving old pieces, etc…So, the hubby and I discussed taking a step towards me doing something about it.  I had read on Dana’s blog about her going “back to school”.
In reality, I don’t have the time or finances to sit in a classroom.  When I reread Dana’s post and followed the link I discovered she had enrolled in an online design course through Sheffield School.
Uh, hello…Online? My own pace?  How fast can I sign up!!!  After doing some due diligence I discovered Lauren Liess of Pure Style Home and Layla of The Lettered Cottage are both “graduates” of the program. They have GREAT taste and are quite successful.
So, long story short, I enrolled and last week  my first course package arrived at my doorstep!!
Sheffield box
And in that fabulous box was all this…
I realize it doesn’t look like much but I feel like a kid on Christmas!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Put a Fork In Me!!!

Well, it took a couple plus weeks but I am FINALLY done (with Phase 1) of my mom’s guest room.

I’m going to show the before and after together …

Ready?!? It’s gonna be a long one

009 (2)


055 (2)


Bedding… $65

Mirrors…Free, thrown in with dresser

Red Box…$2, estate sale


Knobs on one…$18

Lamps…$30 for both

Shades…$30 for both





Chair…Free Lamp…Free Already in room

Log Table…Free, my MIL’s brother owns a tree service








Accessories…$7 for brass tray, everything else take from around the house

Ferdinand the Bull artwork…Free, just needed a home somewhere in the house

008 (2)

053 (2)

Bench in the window…Free, Rub n Buff (ed) in Gold Leaf

006 (2)



Tray…$15, estate sale

Jars…$3 each=$9, estate sale

Cup/Toothbrush holder…$12

New Pulls…$22

Other Supplies…

Labor…FREE by yours truly!!

Paint, etc…$400


Grand Total…$685

The DIY Show Off


Monday, July 18, 2011


I was feeling like the Man Room was looking a little smooshed.  When I added the clock, it really made things too crammed… so I switched things around…







I love a free room makeover!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chair Swap…

My sister and I were going to swap chairs

She gets mine…


I get hers..

Unnamed (2)

We did swap, but when I got them home my husband looked like this when he sat in them…

They’re the biggest chairs ever which is what I love but I don’t have the house to support the size.  They now reside in the basement for the kids to snuggle in.

So, my old chairs are back BUT will still be replaced.  I’m getting a wing back that was my MIL’s and found this on CL which I snagged immediately… $40

princess chair 1

And since I never leave with just the original purchase, I scored two of these for my dining room…

$15 for both

005 (2)


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It was Fate…

I’ve wanted a settee for my dining room table ever since I saw this image (which has been over a year) on Little Green Notebook

When she moved to an apartment in New York she sold it, sadly I live in Kansas City so I could not make it mine…

$350!!  I could cry…don’t you love the back

You can see the whole room here

I bought a settee about 8 years ago that I have never done anything with so I figured it would work, I’d love to show you a picture but it’s buried in my basement so I’ll try to show you later…

Skip forward to this past Thurs.  I decided to hit an estate sale in the area and wouldn’t you know it…

There it was…


Jenny’s Before…$50 on CL


The price was $150 and since I’d have to get it reupholstered I didn’t want to spend that much.  As I walked around the house I saw a sign that Saturday was 50% off.   I decided to wait it out and on Sat. woke up early and waited until the doors opened. 

There is was and it was going to be mine!!!!  I bee lined over to it and ripped the sticker off…$75, yes please!!

I’m thinking of this fabric for it…maybe on the front…

and possibly this for the back (it’s what I’m using for the curtains)…