Friday, August 12, 2011


I woke up early Wed. morning to hit and estate sale.  This was TWO sales combined and was being held in a storefront location. 
Let me tell you this, I am NOT a morning person BUT when looking at the pictures I spied a couple dressers for my bestie’s daughter and a vanity similar to the one I did for my daughter
So I arrive 20 minutes early and thank goodness was only 5th in line.  I peeked through the windows to scope out the vanity, when I spied one of the dressers…
I could read the price tag and immediately knew I would be walking away with nothing…The price…$600..
What the shit?!? 
I held out hope that everything couldn’t possibly be priced so high.  I spied the vanity at the back of the store and as soon as the doors opened I made a beeline for it…$400!!!
Crazy say what?!?  I paid $50 for mine…saw another one months later for $48…
Now I’m kinda fuming…I woke up early and got out of bed on a summer morning for this!!
It gets better…I see a gold mirror  tucked beside something…no price tag and the frame is plastic..I’m thinking “score,  $20 top” . 
One of the workers sees me looking at it, he asks the lady in charge what the price is…$145!!  My eyes got big and he actually said “Too much??”…uh, DOI! 
I replied “Yeah, it’s plastic” .  His response… “It’s pretty”…  sure, $10 pretty you nut job!!
After being in delusionville for too long I decided it was time to leave…after filling out a bid sheet…maybe (doubtfully) I’ll get lucky
Side note:  I’ve been to and estate sale by this company before and actually scored a $225 mirror for a $50 bid.  You know why?  Because of their crazy high prices NOTHING sells, then they fall into reality and take your bid.
The last dresser I saw that would work…$350
Correct me if I’m wrong,  but I’m pretty sure this style has not hit antique status yet…
Ah, it feels good to vent…Go have a great weekend (the last one before school starts, EEK!!)
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Hyphen Interiors said...

Ha! Now I can relate to that! That is how all of my thrifting trips go - either like that or there is NOTHING I like. Then... I am mad I got up early. :)

Desiree said...

I love the mirror!! But I would never pay that much. They were overpriced, but had nice items to look at.