Monday, September 12, 2011

If Aqua & Red Had Babies…

My husbands cousin is wanting to redecorate her living room. When she first got married and started buying furniture she fell into the trap we all do of picking things out that are “grown up”. Then years later we realize the décor is not all that fun.

She & her husband are one of my favorite couples, not one is she my hubby’s cousin but her hubby and my hubby went to grade school & high school together and our kids are now in school together.

I was over at her house house a couple weeks ago and she mentioned she was getting a sectional and wanted to get a coffee table that she didn’t care if it got messed up. Of course my mind started churning and I was on a mission. I found her a coffee table that I hope will work when she gets her sectional…and it was only $25

She has a bright blue master bath and the cutest red retro wall phone


so I told her I thought she should do aqua and cherry red, wouldn’t you know it, it’s her favorite color combo…When you’re good you’re good!!

home exteriors - Red  House with Red Door  Gorgeous home exterior




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