Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni for Target…or Ebay??

I didn’t even bother trying to pick up a Missoni memento at Target, I actually forgot about the whole hoopla. 

From what I’ve been reading it sounds like the same story as when they had their huge Liberty of London launch, you know, babies and old ladies getting knocked down for pillows, throws, and shoes…

After reading about Jenny & Danielle’s disappointment and a segment on Today, it got me thinking, where has all the Missoni gone?

To eBay you silly…


Target: $399   eBay: current bid of $1.100

Missoni Travel Tote - Color Pattern

Target: $49.99

Missoni 21

Target: $169.99

Item image

eBay: $525

Missoni Large Floral Comforter Set

Full/Queen Comforter Set

Target: $99.99   eBay: $449.00

(not sold out online)

Missoni for Target® Sleeveless Knit Maxi Dress - Blue Zigzag Print

Target: $64.99  eBay: $300

(NOT Sold out online)

I can’t find this online, any dishware actually.  I know that Target’s site crashed last night so they may have had to clean up a little.  Anyway…

Target:  ?  eBay: $300

So, don’t despair, it’s not all gone.  If you didn’t make it to Target or couldn’t hit that refresh button fast enough for the online launch, there are plenty of sleazy sellers on eBay waiting to charge 4x’s retail (if not more) to any desperate sucker out there!!

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