Friday, May 25, 2012

It’s Summer…time to reengage



Tuesday was the last day of school for my wee one’s…yes, mommy had tears…my 5 year old is going to Kindergarten next year.  I didn’t cry with my older ones, but I realize I’m getting to the end of having “little ones”… my oldest just turned 13 , will be in 8th grade and I can barely remember him being a toddler…time is slipping away…

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With that, I realized I have not been the best mommy I can be…too much yelling, always saying no, house always a mess, letting the boob tube babysit while I use my time selfishly, yada, yada, yada…Also, I have such control issues that I have come to realize my kids are as self sufficient as my 3 year old…I do everything for them, granted that is my job as a mommy, but that’s not making me a good teacher, which is also my job as a mommy…


So, after yet another hubby/wife therapy session after the kids went to bed we came to the conclusion that we need to get our shizz together…STAT!

I pulled out my 2012 goal list, which I am not going to share because who really cares except me, I haven’t crossed ONE thing off my list and the year is half gone!!  Well, looking at it  renewed my motivation

My older kids are out of school come Friday…after a couple days of decompressing I’m going to kick things in high gear around here, a bit of (tender) boot camp…there will be some major organization so I won’t be so frazzled, house wise and mentally…I feel so overwhelmed with the amount of clutter, nothing being in a set spot, etc…if I don’t get this fixed I pretty sure I’m going to pop a blood vessel!


It’s time to get back on track and get this train running smoothly…it’s time for us to be one big, happy family again…

I’m going to come up with a list and tackle it little by little…by August we should be a new family…my adopted philosophy will be “work hard, play hard”…

So boo hoo, enough crying…please tell me you feel like an a*!hole mommy too, I’d hate to be alone…those of you who can do it all, who’s life is all sunshine and roses… keep it to yourself!

Summer…bring it!!!


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Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

My middle name is a*!hole mommy. Don't worry, the TV is the cheapest babysitter I can find and I use her often. You crack that whip mamma!!