Thursday, November 29, 2012

back to normal…

Hooray!!  I’m done with the class projects for my kids school auction…life has been put on hold for pretty much a month and now I can get back to normal… or  life which is pretty much a three ring circus around here

the skinny is every grade, K-8 has a project they do, led by me…the projects are then put up for auction and they can go for some stupid amount of money…I’m not really into kid art,  but hey, to each his own…here’s what my blood, sweat and tears have been up to…oh yeah, and the kids helped too

The hubby’s favorite…

6th grade


5th Grade

This one is one of my favorites, the kids write someone or something they pray for or a verse or Psalm on the strips of paper…I get a little choked up when I read them…

7th Grade

This was done by kindergartners using ink and their fingerprints,  not sure how I feel about it…


The one I can’t wait to see finished is getting stretched on a canvas and I won’t get it back until the day before the auction…nothing like a little procrastination to get the heart rate going!!

Now I will be cleaning off every surface  in my house that has been covered for the last month…I have a list of projects I’ve been wanting to do and it’s now a mile long…I’m so excited to start getting shiz down around here I could cry…for real

Bring on Christmas!!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

those are all amazing!!! i love kids art!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

you are a damn good leader from the looks of it mamma! i think you guys are gonna raise some good money!