Wednesday, December 12, 2012

the best day ever…

Yesterday four friends and I took a road trip to Atchison, KS, about an hour away to a little store called Nell Hills…there’s one closer to home but the original is in Atchison.

The reason??  We got to have lunch at the home of Mary Carol Garrity who owns Nell Hills…she’s kind of a big deal around these parts

I will admit that I like the Briarcliff Nell Hills a little better because it has fabric and furniture but I was definitely the only one in the group with that opinion

nell 1

Everyone wanted this but I couldn’t talk anyone into taking it home…

nell 2

Some painting was taking place with none other than the color of 2013!!

I brought a sample home…

nell 4

I’m digging all the plaid…maybe it’s the weather/season

nell 3

nell 5

From there it was on to Mary Carol’s for lunch…we stood like idiots on the porch, we didn’t know the doorbell didn’t work and no one wanted to knock

Can you say dream home?

nell 14

I was trying to be stealth and sneak pictures when she left the room because it wasn’t that kind of lunch…sorry for the quality and my friends heads…

nell 6

I loved how the bookcases were filled with books…I spy some butterflies!!

nell 7

The larger pillows have a cream monogram…I couldn’t stop looking at them

nell 9

The other side of the room…

nell 8

The dining room…navy walls and beautiful art, I wish I would have snapped a photo of the place settings, so proper…I was in heaven!!

nell 10

nell 13

How much do you love these dining chairs…

nell 15

Hall bath…the ceiling was wallpapered too!!

nell 12

There you have it…her home was absolutely fabulous,  she was by far the most gracious hostess…I wanted to stay for dinner!!

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Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I've been waiting for this post! :) Her house looks just like the book and I think I'm going to need that green paint! Thanks for the fix, how I miss being able to go to her store. And I have to agree, I prefer Atchison over Briarcliff. How was the lunch? :)