Monday, February 18, 2013


What the schnitzel does that mean you ask…Apparently it’s a German song.  As the hubby and I were estate sale-ing on Friday we found this very cool vintage poster…

I didn’t take a picture but it pretty much looked like this, except it was in a frame…



It was $240, kind of crazy but I really wanted it…the reason?  My hubby is German and there is a little fat German kid holding a beer stein called “schnikel fritz”…my mom has called us that since I can remember…destiny right??

I was not willing to pay the asking price so I put in a low ball bid…the next day I went back and put in another bid…no calls, someone else got it

Needless to say the hubby and I were blood boiling pissed!!  We thought for sure no one would go for it…and to boot, I didn’t get the lithographs I put a bid on and I’m fully blaming the hubby for it!  He has now been grounded from estate sales…

So, the hubby and I were on a mission to find this Schnitzelbank thing somewhere….anywhere

Enter ebay…

I found this cloth, vintage and a little banged up but that’s all character as far as I’m concerned….


I like framed cloth better…that’s what I’m telling myself to heal the wound

schnitzelbank 2

I’m not sure what kind of frame…frameless or all glass perhaps… it will reside in the man room

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Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I stopped taking the hubs to those sales too. He makes me hesitate and then I loose out. And then no one is happy. I am digging yours even better than the print - like you said, fabric is much more fun framed.