Friday, April 12, 2013

manly man room art…

I've finally gotten some things hung on the big ass blank wall in the man room
work in progress…
gallery art wall
The skis were the hubby’s when he was young…he still refers to them lovingly as “Red Lightning”
water skis wall art
The photos were taken by yours truly when we went to Texas over the summer, it’s  Palo Alto canyon, second largest to Grand Canyon…
photos with large matting
I got the mats cut within an hour at Creative Coldsnow for $4.50 each!! 
And then, the beloved bacon flag from Fab
bacon flag art from
Still need to add something above it, hang  my Schnitzelbank fabric on the other side and call it a day…
gallery art wall

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Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Love red lighting. He (they?) look good against that great wall color and goes nicely with the bacon. Wow, that was a weird thing to say. And I'm probably going to be coming over to steal those slipper chairs. FYI.