Tuesday, September 8, 2015

lots of labor

my little boys room is in a sad sad state…i wasn’t sure what direction to go…then, one day when i was estate sale-ing i found a 3 x 5 flag and remembered a picture i pinned



so i went neutral…

here is the sad state of affairs…



it’s the smallest room so there’s only so much that can be done/added/changed…


full disclosure…never got around to painting the door…FOR 10 YEARS! and yes those are X-mas lights, we use them as night lights around the holidays…and apparently spring and summer too…


we got a lot done over the weekend but there is still muy work to be done…

Paint walls

Paint trim (still need to do one window, closet doors & crown molding)

Bamboo blinds

Paint desk

Paint dresser

Replace & Paint closet doors

Re-stain beds

Hang shelves

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